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Materials for the challenges of aerospace applications

Materials for the challenges of aerospace applications

In the aerospace industry, there is an increasing demand for high-performance materials with electrical insulation, high fire safety and light-weight.

The materials used in the aerospace field usually need to work under harsh working conditions and extreme weather, which puts forward high requirements on the stability of the various properties of the materials. High-performance fluoropolymer materials benefit from their excellent performance, which are ideal candidates for applications in the aerospace field. Fluoropolymer materials such as FEP, PFA, and ETFE have electrical insulation, non-stick capability, flame retardancy and chemical resistance similar to PTFE, as well as better weldability and thermoformability. In aerospace industry, fluoropolymer materials usually work as wiring, special coatings, seals, flexible hose and tubing, foams in aircraft insulation, ducts and air conditioning, electroluminescent lamps, etc.

Typical aerospace applications

  • Shaft seals
  • O-ring seals in jet engines
  • Hydraulic hose
  • O-ring seals in fuel, lubricant, and hydraulic systems
  • Fuel tanks and fuel tank bladders
  • Manifold gaskets
  • Lubricating systems
  • Electrical connectors
  • Gaskets for firewalls
  • Traps for hot engine lubricants
  • Heat-sealable tubing for wire insulation
  • Tire valve stem seals
  • Flares


  • ECTFE film is used as a release sheet in the fabrication of high-temperature composites for aerospace applications. Braided cable jackets made from monofilament strands are used in aircraft as a protective sleeve for cables.
  • Heat-shrinkable tubing made from PVDF is used in the electronics, aerospace, and aircraft industries.
  • ECTFE is often used as a flame-retardant insulating material for wire and cable applications, and is widely used in aircraft and automobile wiring.
  • In the aerospace industry, ECTFE is commonly used as gaskets for liquid oxygen and other propellants, components of spacecraft and aircraft cabins, convoluted tubing, wear-resistant braids, and hoses used in expandable conduits for space suits.

Properties benefit to aerospace applications

  • Non-stick capability
  • Mechanical properties (tensile strength, elongation)
  • Flexibility
  • Thermal resistance
  • Chemical resistance
  • Oil resistance
  • Water and oil repellency
  • Electrical insulation
  • Flame retardancy

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The typical markets and industries for fluoropolymer applications are very wide, including medical, aerospace, energy, automotive, fluid management, electrical, chemical industry, food & drink, building & construction, etc. Click here or email us for more details.

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