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Fluoropolymers for Medical


Materials for the challenges of medical applications


Materials used in medical applications are often exposed to chemical and biological elements, which make high demands on material flexibility and chemical inertness. Fluoropolymer materials are excellent candidates for medical applications.

Why choose Alfa Chemistry Fluoropolymers?

Combining our strong technical expertise, we can provide a comprehensive solution from material selection to medical components and coatings.

Alfa Chemistry Fluoropolymers is a market leader in providing customized fluoropolymers for healthcare and medical device applications. We have been committed to providing services to healthcare original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and processors through customized formulation solutions to meet their application needs.

Material Selection

We can provide rich categories of fluoropolymer materials to meet your medical needs.

Medical Components

We produce medical components using fluorinated polymers, and also provide custom design components.

Medical Coatings

Our fluoropolymer coating solutions can increase the service life of products and medical devices in demanding medical applications.

Advantages of fluoropolymer medical materials

Fluoropolymer materials play an important role in medical market, due to their excellent properties such as surface energy, biological stability, mechanical property, chemical resistance. In medical industry, fluoropolymer materials usually can be used as catheters, probes, cardiovascular grafts, heart patches, ligaments for knees, sutures, blood filters, tubings, dental floss, barrier packaging films for drugs.

Properties benefit to medical applications

Low friction


Chemically inert


Non Porous


Same refractive index as water

Can be safely autoclaved or subjected to irradiation


  • Our fluoroplastic parts are designed for blood sampling equipment, high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) systems, anesthesia equipment, etc.
  • Tube/Hose are designed for medical laboratory equipment.
  • Heat shrink probe covers find use in encapsulating temperature and microwave sensor devices.
  • Since PTFE is highly inert and nontoxic, it finds use in medical applications such as cardiovascular grafts, heart patches, and ligaments for knees.
  • PCTFE films can be laminated to a variety of substrates, such as PVC, polyethylene-terephtalate glycol (PETG), amorphous polyethylene terephtalate (APET), or polypropylene (PP), which can be used for packaging of drugs, and for medical devices, where there are high moisture barrier demands.
  • PTFE or blends of PTFE and PFA or PTFE and FEP are used to coat for medical devices.
  • We create solutions to medical device manufacturers, including gas bags, small bore tubing, fluid containment bags and self-supporting structures for water and blood purification.
  • In order to meet the growing demand for product purity, cleanability, durability and lower maintenance costs, helping many pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical manufacturers need to flexibly produce a variety of products, fluoropolymer coatings can play a vital role effect.

Techniques for Medical fabrication

  • Thermoforming & vacuum forming
  • Welding & plugging
  • FEP & PTFE coating
  • Tipping, flanging & flaring
  • Heat shrink & sealing
  • Pressure forming
  • Transfer moulding

The typical markets and industries for fluoropolymer applications are very wide, including medical, aerospace, energy, automotive, fluid management, electrical, chemical industry, food & drink, building & construction, etc. Click here or email us for more details.

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