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Added Secondary Processes


In order to make fluoropolymer products better used in various fields, it is necessary to carry out a series of secondary processing. Alfa Chemistry Fluoropolymers can also provide the following series of value-added secondary services to improve our production capacity and quality, and optimize your products to suit your specific applications.

If your requirements are not within the scope of the following services, you can contact us to provide your requirements. Our professional team is ready to answer your doubts and help you with design or material selection.

Convoluted tubing customization
  • The customer only needs to provide us with the design parameters of the convoluted tubing, such as the number of gyros per inch, the final wall thickness, the main inner diameter and the outer diameter. Combined with our professional equipment, Alfa Chemistry Fluoropolymers can customize the convoluted tubing for you with various fluoropolymer materials.
Insulated wire customization
  • The high-performance fluoropolymers provided by Alfa Chemistry Fluoropolymers are excellent insulators. According to your specific needs, we can customize and extrude various fluoropolymers for you to protect wires and cables and improve their safety.
Surface treatment
  • The non-stick properties make fluoropolymers difficult to bond to other materials or to themselves, limiting the application of fluoropolymers. Alfa Chemistry Fluoropolymers can provide customers with a variety of surface treatment methods to promote adhesion and enhance the bonding strength of fluoropolymers.
Color customization
  • In addition to solid colors, Alfa Chemistry Fluoropolymers can extrude tubes with integrated straight or spiral stripes with contrasting colors and only outer diameter stripes. We can also produce customized colors based on pipe samples or other components to meet your unique requirements.
  • After years of development, Alfa Chemistry Fluoropolymers can provide customized products made of PTFE, FEP, PFA and PVDF tubes, heat shrinkable tubing and sheets, as well as secondary processing services for our products, such as flanges, flares, coils, bending and cutting all of our fluoropolymer tubes and heat shrink products.
Welding & sealing
  • Alfa Chemistry Fluoropolymers can provide customized service for all kinds of fluoropolymer tubes we stock, and we can customize the size according to the order. The most commonly sealed materials are PTFE, FEP and PFA.
Precision CNC machining of plastics
  • We provide a variety of production processes, including but not limited to CNC laser cutting, CNC machining, CNC turning, wiring and forming, contract manufacturing, custom engineering, threading, knurling and grinding services, etc.
Tube bonding
  • Tube bonding is used to create parts with characteristics that cannot be achieved with traditional extrusion. The process involves melting or welding multiple tubes together through various techniques including heat, RF or infrared heat.
  • Alfa Chemistry Fluoropolymers can add fillers to our materials before extrusion to enhance properties of products such as tensile strength, abrasion resistance, static dissipation, etc., so as to more accurately meet your needs.
Drilling and hole punching
  • Alfa Chemistry Fluoropolymers can provide drilling and hole punching services. Our unique capabilities range from custom punching and punching of straight pipes to burr-free high-speed drilling of thick-walled fluoropolymer pipes, all aimed at providing you with quality services.
Special packaging
  • Alfa Chemistry Fluoropolymers can provide customers with customized labels and barcodes, special printing boxes and special quantity packaging.
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