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Physical Property Analysis


Alfa Chemistry Fluoropolymers can analyze various physical properties of our products or customer samples, such as mechanical properties, optical properties, hydrophilicity, etc., to help you understand our products better, or to help you develop and design new products.

Physical Property Analysis

The advanced analysis and testing platform and physical characteristics analysis capabilities of Alfa Chemistry Fluoropolymers provide you with the knowledge needed to improve the process and product performance, and help you improve functions or reduce the cost of processes and products.

Platform test equipment and applications

  • Universal material testing machine
  • Test the mechanical properties of materials, perform tensile, compression, bending, shear, peel, tear and other tests.

  • Folding resistance tester
  • Testing the bending resistance of membrane materials, etc.

  • Tear resistance tester
  • Test the tear resistance of film materials.

  • Dynamic mechanical analyzer
  • Analyze the mechanical properties of materials and their dependence on temperature, frequency, strain, time and many other parameters. Measurable: viscoelasticity, Young's modulus, shear modulus, dynamic viscosity, glass transition, creep test, tension, compression, shear, bending test, frequency dependent technical parameters.

  • Electron microscope
  • Used to analyze the microscopic morphology, morphology and structure of the surface and cross-section of the material.

  • Torque rheometer
  • Integration of polymer simulation processing equipment to evaluate processability; formulation development; compounding; melt rheological properties measurement.

  • Melt Indexer
  • Measure the flow characteristics of polymer melt quality.

  • Embrittlement temperature tester
  • It is used to test the lowest temperature at which no brittle failure occurs after being impacted under specified conditions for materials such as plastics or vulcanized rubber.

  • Falling weight impact tester
  • Used for the determination of the external impact resistance of various pipes and plates, and also suitable for hard plastic plates.

  • Contact angle measuring instrument
  • Used to measure the contact angle of the material to the liquid in the air or liquid.

  • Thermal Deformation-Vicat Tester
  • Determine the Vicat softening point and heat deformation temperature of materials.

Why conduct physical performance analysis and testing?

The purpose of physical performance analysis is to help customers and companies determine whether their products and processes meet industry requirements and performance standards. Physical property testing can ensure that materials or products do not violate health and safety standards in specific industries or applications. These important tests also greatly reduce the possibility of materials or products failing in the market and help the company enhance its brand image.

In addition to meeting industry requirements and performance standards, the analysis and testing of physical properties of materials is very suitable for research and development of new products. Physical property testing helps improve the functionality of specific materials or products, which enables customers to potentially cut costs, exceed performance standards, and improve their manufacturing processes.

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