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Ethylene Tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE) finds its application across various sectors owing to its unique characteristics. ETFE is a high-strength fluorine plastic exhibiting excellent heat resistance (a continuous use temperature range of -200 to 165 °C), outstanding electrical properties, weatherability, and chemical resistance.

Alfa Chemistry has harnessed these benefits to develop ETFE extruded films, which push the technological boundaries of industrial applications. Alfa Chemistry offers high performance ETFE extruded films in various grades including premium grade (PG) and mold release (MR).

Technical Information

Here is technical information about ETFE extruded films for reference:

GradesETFE Film-PGETFE Film-MRTest Method
General Properties
Specific Gravity1.74ASTM D792
Area Yield, ft2/lb/mil (m2/kg/25µm)110(22.6)
Water Absorption, %< 0.03
Mechanical Properties
Tensile Strength, psi7,000ASTM D882
Elongation at Break, %300ASTM D882
Tensile Modulus, psi140,000ASTM D882
Initial Tear Strength (2 mil film), g500ASTM D1004
Propagation Tear Strength (2 mil film), g75ASTM D1922
Folding Endurance (MIT), cycles, ave.>50,000ASTM D2176
Thermal Properties
Continuous Use Temp, °F (°C)330 (165)UL-746 B
Melt Point, °F (°C)500 (260)ASTM D3418
Coeff. of Lin. Thermal Expansion, in/(in °F)4x10-5ASTM D696
Electrical Properties
Dielectric Strength (1mil film), volts / mil (kV/mm)500 (260)ASTM D149
Dielectric Contant 1kHz2.6ASTM D150
Dissipation Factor, 1kHz<0.0008ASTM D150
Product Specification
Width, inches (mm)Up to 62" (1,575)
Thickness, mils (µm)0.5 - 10 (12.5 - 250)
Standard ColorsClearClear Tinted
Optical Properties
Refractive Index1.4ASTM D542
Solar Transmission, %90ASTM E424
Additional Options
Chemical Etching
Plasma Treatment


  • Medical Industry
    ETFE films have found increasing usage in the medical industry due to their resistance to chemical sterilization and their compatibility with human tissue. For example, pharmaceutical containers like cap liners, stoppers, and plunger laminates frequently utilize ETFE films as their preferred material. Being a fluoropolymer film, they inherently have inert properties and do not pollute the substances contained inside the pharmaceutical vessel. These films do not contain plasticizers, processing aids, or other additives that can lead to contamination.
  • Solar Industry
    ETFE films have been instrumental in the photovoltaic solar cell industry. They serve as encapsulation films due to their high-energy radiation absorption capacity, high transmittance to solar radiation, and excellent resistance to temperature variation; thereby increasing the efficiency of solar panels.
  • Architecture and Construction Industry
    ETFE films are commonly used in architecture as an attractive and durable alternative to glass due to their cost-effective, lightweight nature, and exceptional durability. The material has found use in the structure of numerous sports stadia and entertainment venues due to its strength, sound transparency, and UV resistance, allowing natural light and sound into these spaces in an eco-friendly manner.
  • Aerospace and Automotive Industries
    ETFE films find utility in aerospace and automotive manufacturing due to their lightweight nature, high-temperature resistance, and excellent electrical insulation properties. They can be found in automotive wiring, fuel hoses, and a multitude of other vehicle components.
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