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Fluoropolymer Films


Fluoropolymer films

  • Low coefficient of friction
  • Chemical resistance
  • Corrosion and pollution resistance
  • Optical transparency
  • Weather resistance and UV resistance
  • Heat resistance
  • Low moisture absorption
  • Non-flammable
  • Dielectric properties



  • PTFE film is the most widely used variety. It is widely used in many fields such as aircraft accessories, circuit boards, windmill components, insulating tapes for wires and cables, insulating materials for electronic and electrical equipment, packaging materials for capacitors, and spacers for transformers. Compared with other types of fluoropolymer membranes, the biggest disadvantage of PTFE membranes is that they are highly viscous and difficult to process. Modified PTFE membranes can overcome this defect to a certain extent.
  • Application of PTFE film as an oxygen selective fixed liquid membrane for lithium-air battery [1]Figure 1. Application of PTFE film as an oxygen selective fixed liquid membrane for lithium-air battery [1]

  • Cast PTFE film can be laminated with different substrates, the most common being laminated with PTFE coated glass and aramid fabric. They can also be metallized, especially when aluminum is used in electronic products. Other applications include release membranes, selective membranes and chemical industries for the manufacture of composite materials for aerospace vehicles, electronics and electrical industries.
  • FEP Film

  • FEP film has the advantages of good flame retardancy, insulation, and easy to be colored by dyes, but it also has weaknesses: one is high cost, and the other is its corrosion resistance in the molten state. FEP films are mainly used in transportation, chemical processing, solar cell coating, indicating materials, circuit boards, flat cables, highway signs and other fields. FEP film is used for solar collector windows because of its light weight, good weather resistance, high transparency and easy installation. FEP film is also used for heat sealing of PTFE coated fabrics (such as architectural fabrics).
  • FEP film for flexible electronic applications [2]Figure 2. FEP film for flexible electronic applications [2]

    ETFE Film

  • ETFE film is used as thermal insulation material for greenhouses and gardening facilities because of its good light transmittance, toughness and resistance to ultraviolet radiation. ETFE film is also used in thin-film photovoltaic cell materials.
  • Application of ETFE film in the new greenhouse glass system [3]Figure 3. Application of ETFE film in the new greenhouse glass system [3]


  • PVDF film is the fastest growing variety of fluoropolymer membranes. Laminating PVDF film with PVC and PE film can reduce the cost of the product while ensuring its performance. In addition, PVDF film has better compatibility with other films, and the promotion of multi-layer films is more economical while maintaining its performance.
  • The development of the PVDF film market is mainly due to the widespread use of lithium batteries. At present, the rapid development of mobile phones, notebook computers, portable electronic products, solar panels, architectural and automotive decorative films, and semiconductor industries has promoted the widespread use of such films.
  • In addition, PVDF membranes are increasingly being used in fuel cells, aircraft interior parts, and office automation equipment.


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