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Fluoropolymer Tube & Rod


Alfa Chemistry Fluoropolymers can provide fluoropolymer pipes with a variety of wall thicknesses and sizes, including PTFE, FEP, ETFE, PFA, PVDF, ECTFE, MFA tubes.

Fluoropolymer Tube and Rod


  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Wide temperature capability
  • Electrical insulation
  • high purity
  • toughness
  • Non-stick properties


  • Fluoropolymer tubes can be used to protect less resistant materials such as glass and probes.
  • In the field of electrical and electronic engineering, combined with excellent dielectric properties, fluoropolymer tubes can be used for special applications such as the insulation of micro-components.
  • The chemically resistant PTFE tubing can operate at up to 260 °C, making it very suitable for use in extreme environments. The PTFE tubing has a non-stick surface, which can promote flow and prevent media accumulation, and can be used in fluid systems. Thanks to the chemical inertness and non-wetting properties of PTFE tubing, they can also be applied to various instrument tubes. In the field of food processing, PTFE tubing is also an ideal candidate material because of its extremely low coefficient of friction.
  • FEP tubing is a sturdy engineering fluoropolymer with low refractive index. It is currently the most transparent fluoropolymer tubing. It provides excellent fluid visibility and is suitable for applications that need to monitor the fluid condition in the tubing. FEP tubing can also be used in water purification systems because of their excellent UV transmission performance. In addition, thanks to the chemical inertness, odorless, and non-wetting properties, FEP tubing has been widely used in fluid treatment, food and beverage, medical and other fields.
  • PFA tubing is similar to FEP tubing, with high transparency, chemically inert, odorless, and non-wetting. It is often used in fluid processing, food and beverage, medical and other fields.
  • Convoluted tubing is very flexible and is suitable for applications that require a smaller bending radius, increased pressure handling or pressure resistance. On the basis of flexibility, fluoropolymer convoluted tubing also have the advantages of resistance to chemically corrosive liquids or gases, and have a non-stick surface with low permeability. Therefore, they are widely used in materials processing, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, and automotive fields.
  • PVDF tubing  has high mechanical strength, excellent abrasion resistance and good chemical resistance, and is suitable for applications that require chemical resistance and low permeability, such as ultrapure water systems and groundwater monitoring.
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