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Recycling Services for Fluoropolymers

  • Recycling of Fluoropolymer Scraps

    Recycling of Fluoropolymer Scraps

    Our professional processing equipment can remove dust, fines, debris and foreign matter pollution in fluoropolymer waste, thereby improving the recycling efficiency of fluoropolymer and its product value. We recycle all forms of PTFE, FEP, PFA, and ETFE, including scrap parts, bleed, purge, sprues, runners, gates, virgin off spec, prime virgin overstocks and obsolete inventory.

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  • High Temperature Pyrolysis Method

    As a comprehensive company specializing in fluoropolymer-related businesses, Alfa Chemistry Fluoropolymers is also committed to developing environmentally friendly fluoropolymer recycling business. We are willing to purchase fluoropolymer waste from factories or help customers recycle fluoropolymer waste.

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    High Temperature Pyrolysis Method
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    Recycling of Fluoropolymer Cable

    Alfa Chemistry Fluoropolymers provides various types of fluoroplastic cable recycling services. In the production of wires and cables, commonly used fluoroplastics include polytetrafluoroethylene, polyperfluoroethylene propylene, polyvinylidene fluoride, tetrafluoroethylene and ethylene copolymers, etc.

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