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Ageing Testing


The aging performance of functional fluoropolymers is a feature that very worthy of attention. Alfa Chemistry Fluoropolymers can provide customers with ageing testing platform. Combined with our ageing test sites, using a variety of fluorescent and xenon arc test equipment accelerated ageing test methods, we can provide you with comprehensive ageing simulation and testing.

Weathering test

  • Expose the fluoropolymer test sample to atmospheric environmental conditions to obtain the aging law of the sample exposed to the atmospheric environment, analyze the performance of the polymer, and predict its service life. The weathering test includes natural exposure test and artificial weathering test.
  • Test equipment
  • Xenon arc and fluorescent ultraviolet equipment

  • Test data
  • Through accelerated life testing, our team can check the effects of ultraviolet rays, heat, moisture and humidity on your products in a shorter period of time.

UV aging test

  • Ultraviolet light in sunlight can cause the rupture of polymer compound chains, which is the main factor leading to aging and degradation of plastic materials.
  • Test equipment
  • Xenon lamp, fluorescent lamp, tritium lamp and deuterium lamp as test light source.

  • Common test conditions
  • UVA-340 simulates the ultraviolet part of sunlight and is mainly used for light aging test of outdoor products.

    UVA-351 simulates the ultraviolet part of the sunlight passing through the window glass, and is mainly used for the light aging test of indoor products.

    UVB-313EL is widely used in fast and economical testing of durable materials, which will accelerate the aging of materials and sometimes lead to abnormal results. The customer's consent must be obtained when using it.

  • Test data
  • It involves the measurement of haze, transmittance, yellowness index, color change and/or physical properties (such as impact strength).

Hot air aging test

  • Heat is one of the main factors that cause the aging of plastic materials. Heat can accelerate the movement of polymer chains, cause polymer chains to break, generate active free radicals, and cause free radical chain reactions to cause polymer degradation or crosslinking.
  • Test equipment
  • Constant temperature blast drying test box. The temperature in the drying box can be set according to the test requirements, and the plastic materials are regularly sampled and tested when exposed to the dryness to obtain the aging behavior and laws of the plastic materials, so as to modify the plastic materials in a targeted manner and improve their use performance.

Medium aging test

  • Fluoropolymer materials may face the challenge of being immersed in a certain medium for a long time during use, which puts forward higher requirements for the aging resistance of fluoropolymers. For example, the plastic materials on equipment that have been engaged in marine operations or subsea operations for a long time must be immersed in seawater for a long time, and certain parts of aviation aircraft must be in contact with aviation fuel for a long time. This requires plastic materials to have strong resistance to media aging.
  • Common test medium
  • Sea water, salt water, rain water, acid-based solution, fuel oil and other organic solvents, etc., which can be prepared according to the specific environment in which the plastic material is used.

  • Test data
  • Usually includes visual evidence of decomposition, swelling, turbidity, cracks, cracks, and/or changes in physical properties, such as tensile strength and elongation.

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