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Insulated Color Customization


Color is not only important for visual appeal, but also the basis for functional applications. Colors are used to specify the use of specific pipes and coverings in many industries, and are increasingly becoming part of daily and professional uses.

Color customization service

  • Alfa Chemistry Fluoropolymers can customize various colors of fluoropolymer master batches, profiles, pipe products, wires and cables and other products.
  • In addition to solid colors, we can also extrude tubes with integrated straight or spiral stripes with contrasting colors and only outer diameter stripes.
  • We can also produce customized colors based on pipe samples or other sub-components to meet your unique requirements.
  • We also provide "natural" colors for our tubing, such as the translucent colors of certain resins.
  • With the responsive, personalized service and consistent quality you can trust, we are glad to provide innovative, consistent and optimized color solutions for your designs.

Common colors of fluoropolymer colored masterbatches available for selection

Common colors of fluoropolymer colored masterbatches available for selection

If there are any other colors you need to customize, please contact our professional team to discuss its feasibility. You can refer to the Pantone® chart color to help us better customize the color that meets your expectations.

The visual representation of colors and electronic images on this website will vary greatly depending on various settings and the manufacturer of your computer system, monitor, and web browser software used to display such colors and images. Therefore, it is recommended that you obtain a sample of the product for color verification before purchasing.

Wire and cable color standard

Different countries in the world have different requirements for the color of cables. The following table shows the color requirements of three-phase wires in some countries and regions in the world, which can be used for customers' reference.

The color requirements of three-phase wires in some countries and regions
Countries and regionsA phaseB phaseC phaseNeutral conductorProtective conductor
Most of the U.S.BlackRedBlueWhite or grayYellow-green stripes
Parts of the U.S.BrownOrangeYellowWhite or grayGreen
ChinaYellowGreenRedBlueYellow-green stripes
Europe (including British IEC60446), Hong Kong, ChinaBrownBlackGrayBlueYellow-green stripes
Malaysia, South AfricaRedYellowBlueBlackYellow-green stripes
Australia, New ZealandRedWhiteBlueBlackYellow-green stripes
Mandatory use in CanadaRedBlackBlueWhiteGreen
Some independent three-phase electrical equipment in CanadaOrangeBrownYellowWhiteGreen
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