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PFA is a modified version of PTFE, except it is optically clear and has a higher tensile strength. Similar to PTFE and FEP, PFA exhibits a low coefficient of friction and can be used for cryogenic applications. It is similar in clarity to FEP, but the upper use temperature is the same as PTFE (5000F). PFA is preferred for use where purity and long life are important considerations. It can withstand higher mechanical and thermal stresses than FEP and exhibits excellent stress crack resistance.
The low friction, non-stick, low moisture absorption, and especially non-leaching properties of PFA make it the material of choice in high purity applications. These include pharmaceutical and semiconductor manufacturing, laboratory equipment, sample testing, environmental sample analyses.
The excellent weatherability of PFA is related to its unmatched resistance to chemical attack, and almost no susceptibility to thermal cycling below 500 F.

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