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ECTFE (Ethylene-chlorotrifluoroethylene)


Properties of ECTFE

  • It is a copolymer of ethylene and chlorotrifluoroethylene.
  • Properties of ECTFE

  • ECTFE resin is tough, medium hardness and creep resistance.
  • The operating temperature is -100°C to +150°C (-148°F to +302°F).
  • The melting temperature depends on the monomer ratio in the polymer and ranges from 235°C to 245°C (455°F to 473°F).
  • ECTFE has excellent weather resistance.
  • ECTFE can resist high-energy gamma and beta radiation up to 100 Mrad (1000 kGy).


  • The largest single application of ECTFE is as the primary insulation and sheath of voice and copper cables used in building ventilation systems.
  • In automotive applications, ECTFE is used for cable sheaths of liquid level sensors in fuel tanks, connecting wires and heating cables for car seats.
  • In the chemical processing industry, it is commonly used in chlorine/corrosive environments in electrolytic cell covers, outlet boxes, lined pipes, and storage tanks.
  • In the pulp and paper industry, ECTFE is used to line bleaching agents and scrubbers.
  • Monofilaments made of ECTFE are used for chemically resistant filters and screens.
  • Other applications include rotomolding tanks and containers for storing corrosive chemicals such as nitric acid or hydrochloric acid.
  • ECTFE film is used as a separator in the manufacture of high-temperature composite materials for aerospace applications.
  • Thanks to its resistance to most organic solvents, ECTFE membranes can be used for separation of organic/organic mixtures by pervaporation.

Schematic diagram of ECTFE used to separate organic/organic mixtures [1]Figure 1. Schematic diagram of ECTFE used to separate organic/organic mixtures [1]


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