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Other Filled-Type PTFE


Due to the highly flexible of PTFE, it creeps or deforms under heavy loads. By adding fillers, the properties of multiple materials can be combined to improve the potential shortcomings of PTFE. In addition to common fillers such as glass, carbon, graphite, molybdenum disulfide, bronze and polyimide prepared PTFE composite materials, Alfa Chemistry Fluoropolymers can also provide some other filling types of PTFE composite materials to provide specific advantages for certain applications.

Ceramic Filled PTFE

  • Ceramics are silicate materials. Generally, the main components are silicon oxide, aluminum oxide, and a small amount of sodium oxide, potassium oxide, calcium oxide, magnesium oxide, iron oxide, titanium oxide, etc.
  • Ceramic particles are filled into PTFE, which changes part of the original properties of PTFE, such as reduced compression rate and enhanced resilience. But it will also lead to a decrease in tensile strength and elongation at break, a decrease in chemical stability, and an increase in the coefficient of friction. The composite material is suitable for long-lasting mechanical seal parts.

    SEM images of brittle fracture surface of ceramics filled PTFE composite with different sizeFigure 1. SEM images of brittle fracture surface of ceramics filled PTFE composite with different size [1]

Aromatic polyester reinforced PTFE

Polyphenyl ester reinforced PTFE (POB/PTFE)

  • POB has relatively good comprehensive properties such as thermal stability, heat capacity, self-lubricating, electrical insulation, and wear resistance. It is a high-performance special engineering plastic.
  • POB can be filled into other materials as a reinforcing agent, and POB filled PTFE materials are more commonly used. POB-filled PTFE composite material is suitable for occasions that require load resistance, abrasion resistance and chemical resistance in water or in water. This composite material will provide a choice for important materials urgently needed in the high-tech and military fields.
  • The POB-filled PTFE composite material maintains rigidity, high wear resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and low friction coefficient, but it is not easy to damage the wear parts. Even soft metals such as lead and aluminum alloy will not be worn.
  • Wear rate of PTFE and PTFE composites at different temperaturesFigure 2. Wear rate of PTFE and PTFE composites at different temperatures [2]

  • The composite material is suitable for bearings, bushings, piston rings, seal rings, guide rings, pump valve seals, gaskets, sliders, electronic appliances, etc.
  • POB can also be added to PTFE together with graphite, polyimide, etc. for use.

Mineral Filler Filled PTFE

Mineral fiber reinforced PTFE

  • Mineral fibers are fibers obtained from mineral rocks with fibrous structures. The main components are various oxides, such as silicon dioxide, aluminum oxide, and magnesium oxide. The main sources are various types of asbestos, such as chrysotile and crocidolite, etc.
  • The reinforcement effect of mineral fiber on PTFE is similar to that of glass fiber, mainly to improve the abrasion resistance, creep resistance and dimensional stability of PTFE.
  • It has good chemical resistance, high abrasion resistance and extremely high heat resistance, cold resistance and anti-extrusion properties. Especially suitable for high-temperature and high-pressure working occasions, but not suitable for inorganic acid medium, because it will be corroded by acid.


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