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After years of development, Alfa Chemistry Fluoropolymers has accumulated rich experience in processing technology. We believe that we can meet your various design requirements and provide innovative solutions to the various design problems you encounter.

We can provide customized products made of PTFE, FEP, PFA and PVDF tubes, heat shrinkable tubing and sheets, as well as secondary processing services for our products, such as flanges, flares, coils, bending and cutting all of our Fluoropolymer tubes and heat shrink products.

The rich experience in thermoforming processing technology of Alfa Chemistry Fluoropolymers is the guarantee for us to provide high-quality services and products. We can process fluoroplastics into various complex profiles you need in a cost-effective manner. Our professional team looks forward to working with you.

Our Fabrication Techniques

  • Vacuum forming
  • Sheet fusion butt welding
  • Tube end welding (plugging)
  • Seam welding
  • PTFE & FEP coating
  • PTFE sealing
  • Heat shrink & sealing
  • Heat setting
  • Pressure forming
  • Transfer moulding

Thermoforming Applications

  • Retractable coils
  • Instrumentation plumbing
  • Temperature and level probes covers
  • Tube manifolds
  • Heating coils
  • Containment bags

Why choose thermoforming?

  • Low Equipment Costs
  • Compared with other plastic processing equipment such as injection molding, the cost of thermoforming processing equipment is relatively low. The force required to form the sheet is generally less than 14 PSI for vacuum forming and less than 150 PSI for pressure forming. In contrast, injection molding pressure exceeds 10,000 PSI.

  • Low Tooling Costs
  • Mainly due to the low pressure used in the thermoforming process, the tool/mold can be made of a variety of materials.

  • Economical to Produce at Low Volumes
  • The mold cost is low, especially the prototype mold; therefore, small batches of products can be produced economically. Mold costs are amortized based on the number of parts produced: lower mold costs mean lower product costs.

  • Timeline from Design to Prototype
  • Low-cost tools are produced very quickly. The model maker may be able to produce a simple small batch tool in just a few hours, so the actual part can be reviewed very quickly.

  • Large Surface to Thickness Ratios Common
  • It is possible to produce very thin parts, which are too thin for processes such as injection molding. It can also produce large products, such as refrigerator linings and hot tub shells, which may exceed the capabilities of ordinary molding processes.

  • Wide Variety of Plastics Available
  • Almost all thermoplastics that can be made into sheets can be thermoformed.

  • Decorating and Printing
  • The common printing process is usually performed on the sheet before the forming process. Printing after molding is also very economical, providing product designers with great freedom and a very low-cost product decoration method.

  • Multi-Layer Parts
  • Extruded plates can be produced with multiple layers of materials, including different colors, grades, additives, etc. This can produce multilayer thermoformed products.

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