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Fluorinated benzonitrile series

Name CAS number Description Inquiry
3-Cyano-2,4-dichloro-5-fluorobenzoic acid 117528-58-2 Inquiry
2,3,4,5-Tetrafluorobenzoic acid 1201-31-6 Inquiry
2,3,4,5-Tetrafluorobenzoic Acid is used in the synthesis of diterpenoid analogs as antitumor compounds. Also used in the synthesis of novel quinoline lactones.
2,6-Dichloro-3-fluorobenzonitrile 136514-16-4 Inquiry
2,3,4,5-Tetrafluorobenzonitrile 16582-93-7 Inquiry
2,4-Difluoro-3-methoxybenzoic Acid 178974-97-5 Inquiry
2,3,5,6-Tetrafluoroterephthalonitrile 1835-49-0 Inquiry
3,4,5,6-Tetrafluorophthalonitrile 1835-65-0 Inquiry
2,4,5-Trifluorobenzoic acid 446-17-3 Inquiry
2,3,5,6-Tetrafluorobenzonitrile 5216-17-1 Inquiry
2,3,5,6-Tetrafluoroterephthalic aicd 652-36-8 Inquiry

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