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It is well known that fluoropolymer materials exhibit an excellent combination of properties, from excellent chemical resistance, wide temperature capability, electrical insulation to high purity, toughness, and non-stick properties. Alfa Chemistry Fluoropolymers provides customers with fluoropolymer tubing and rod series, including FEP, PFA, ETFE, ECTFE, MFA.

Products Offered

  • FEP tubing and rod
  • FEP has high transparency, high resistance to stress cracking, low coefficient of friction, excellent dielectric properties, and heat resistance.

  • PFA tubing
  • PFA is the preferred choice for extended service in harsh environments involving chemical, thermal and mechanical stress.

  • ETFE tubing
  • ETFE is a fluorocarbon-based polymer that is commonly used in applications that require mechanical toughness as well as heat and chemical resistance.

  • ECTFE tubing
  • The chemical resistance and extremely low permeability of ECTFE make this polymer material the first choice for use as a chemical barrier. Under prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays and weather conditions, its performance only slightly changes, and the material is also weldable.

  • MFA tubing
  • MFA has excellent chemical resistance, low friction coefficient, and very smooth surface. It is usually used in applications in the chemical and electrical industries that require high temperatures.

Key Properties Comparison

Min Service temp.-200 °C-200 °C-190 °C-100°C-200 °C
Max Service temp.200 °C260 °C150 °C150 °C240 °C
Melting point257-275 °C300-310 °C270 °C235-245°C280-290 °C
Tensile strength20-28 MPa25-30 MPa40-47 MPa54 MPa15-21 MPa
Elongation300-325 %300 %230 %200-250 %300-360 %
HardnessShore D 55-60Shore D 55-64Shore D 63-75Shore D 75Shore D 59
Density2.15 g/cm32.15 g/cm31.7 g/cm31.7 g/cm32.12-2.17 g/cm3
Water absorption<0.01 %<0.03 %0.02 %0.01 %<0.03 %
Chemical resistanceVery goodExcellentVery goodVery goodExcellent

Note: The above data is only used as a reference for this type of product, and the actual product parameters shall prevail. FEP, fluorinated ethylene-propylene copolymer; PFA, copolymer of perfluoropropylvinylether and tetrafluoroethylene; ETFE, copolymer of ethylene and tetrafluoroethylene; ECTFE, copolymer of ethylene chlorotrifluoroethylene; MFA, copolymer of perfluoromethylvinylether and tetrafluorethylene.

Research Application

  • Fluoropolymer tubes can be used to prepare online micromixers. Fluoropolymer tubes are widely used for chemical reactions due to their good chemical inertness to acids, alkalis and most solvents. Through the thermoforming method, the PFA, FEP and ETFE tubes are introduced into a screw mode to prepare a patterned tubular micro-mixer, thereby enhancing the cross-streamwise mixing in the tubes. Through dye visualization, Villermaux-Dushman reaction, residence time distribution (RTD) measurement and gold nanoparticle synthesis to describe the manufacturing process and characterize the performance of the resulting "screw-tube micromixer", the results show that the tubular micromixer exhibits excellent performance.
  • Fabrication and application of the fluoropolymer mixersFigure 1. Fabrication and application of the fluoropolymer mixers [1]


  1. Kai Wang, Haomiao Zhang, Yi Shen, Andrea Adamo, Klavs F. Jensen, Reaction Chemistry & Engineering 3 (2018) 707-713.
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