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Fluoropolymers have a complex structure, a wide variety of types, and a wide range of uses. Fluoroplastics are polymer materials with excellent performance. Although they are relatively difficult to process, they have excellent performance that other conventional plastics are difficult to replace. Therefore, the economic benefits they create are much higher than conventional plastics. It has been widely used in many industrial sectors, and increasingly penetrate into people's daily life.

The figure below shows the history of the fluoropolymer family.

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In order to select the appropriate materials for specific applications, it is necessary to comprehensively compare all the relevant properties and total costs of fluoropolymer candidates. Since the application properties of fluoropolymers overlap in most cases, there may be several options. Therefore, decisions should take into account the requirements, cost, benefit, and competitive advantages of the final product, and we are welcome to contact our professional team to provide personalized solutions based on your situation.

The common properties and the main applications of fluoropolymer materials are summarized in the table below, which can be a reference for you to select materials according your requirements.

FluoropolymerMelting Temperature (°C)Tensile Modulus (MPa)Break Elongation (%)Dielectric Strength (kV/mm)Appl. Temp (°C)Main Applications
PTFE317–337550300-55019.7260Chemical processing, resistant components & coatings, pipes, fittings, linings, tapes, seals, filters, wire & cable insulation, laminates, waterproof & stain repellent clothing, architectural & carpet coatings, printing, cookware, fabrics, biomedical devices
PCTFE210-21560-100100-25019.7200Packaging & barrier films, pharmaceutical and electrical packaging, lighting, semiconductor processing, cryogenic seals
FEP260-282345~30019.7200Chemically resistant components & coatings, plenum cable insulation
PVF190-200200090-25012-14110Laminates & resistant coatings, architectural coatings, solar panels
PVDF155–1921040-207050-25063-67150Fluid handling systems, valves, pumps, water piping,
resistant paints, architectural coatings, wire & cable
insulation, electronic components, solar panels, printing
ECTFE235–245240250-30080150Flame resistant wire & cable insulation, pipes & components, high strength films, acids and corrosives storage, medical devices
PFA302–310276~30019.7260Chemical processing, resistant components and fittings,
electrical insulation, industrial & architectural coatings,
semiconductor manufacturing
ETFE254–279827150-30014.6150Chemical processing, pipes & tubing, automotive & mass transit cabling, fuel tubing and fittings, wire & cable insulation, seals
THV145–15582-207500-60048-6293Flexible & resistant coatings, wire & cable insulation,
multilayer barrier coatings, fuel hoses, bag liners, lighting, optical fiber, solar panels, safety glass

*The above performance parameters are for reference only, subject to specific product information.

The typical markets and industries for fluoropolymer applications are very wide, including medical, aerospace, energy, automotive, fluid management, electrical, chemical industry, food & drink, building & construction, etc. Click here or email us for more details.

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