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Tipping, Flanging & Flaring


Tipping, flanging and flaring fluoropolymers can make components according to your exact requirements and are ready for assembly, saving costs.

Flanging refers to the forming method of forming a straight wall or flange with a certain angle along the closed or unclosed curved edge by using the function of the mold on the flat or curved part of the blank. This modification is usually used to facilitate the connection of pipes to fittings and to provide mechanical stops at the end of the tubing. Various components made by tipping, flanging and flaring processing can help you assemble the equipment more conveniently.

Combined with years of rich experience in the processing of fluoropolymer materials, Alfa Chemistry Fluoropolymers is committed to providing satisfactory solutions for each customer. We know that each customer has unique needs, but our mature experience, equipment and capacity are the guarantee for us to provide high-quality services. Our professional team is ready to discuss with you the fluoropolymer solution suitable for your project and application needs.

Tipping, flanging & flaring customized service

Tipping, flanging and flaring customized service
  • Tips, collars and flanges can be applied to all PTFE, FEP and PFA tubes we provide, and can be manufactured according to your specific requirements.
  • The flared tip, flanged tip, and drawn down tip can be customized according to the drawings.
  • We provide various tool parts required for many common flare angles and sizes, thereby reducing your delivery time and costs.
  • Tipping fluoropolymer tubing can be manufactured according to your exact requirements and ready for assembly, thereby saving costs.

Advantages of tipping, flanging & flaring

  • The flange can secure the fittings in place and help sealing.
  • The collar prevents parts from being pulled out of the device.
  • The narrowed and tapered tip can be conducive to liquid flow.
  • Flaring increases the accessibility inside the tubing to facilitate the insertion of tools, fluids, brackets, wires and optical fibers or other instruments.
  • By tipping and flanging fluoropolymers, components can be manufactured according to your exact requirements, ready to be assembled at any time, thereby saving costs.

Related characteristics of fluoropolymer

  • Fluoropolymer products have biocompatibility, lubricity and bactericidal properties.
  • Fluoropolymer products are transparent that benefit to observe the fluid flow, which is essential for medical applications.
  • Fluoropolymer products are inert to UVC, and the manufactured components will not become brittle or discolored over time, have a long service life, and reduce component maintenance costs.
  • Fluoropolymer such as FEP can be easily molded and thermoformed into complex profiles.

Tipping, flanging & flaring applications

  • Used for labware and analytical equipment
  • Used for food and chemical applications
  • Used for liquid and air delivery tubes
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