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Tubing Assemblies


Tubing assemblies can be converted from our PTFE, FEP, PFA and PVDF tubing.

Preformed tubing assemblies can be customized through our mature thermoforming, including flaring and flanging techniques.

We can provide a variety of fittings suitable for our tubing assemblies, including PTFE, FEP, PFA and PVDF tubing. Before the fittings are secured, we can create preformed profiles that required.

The preformed profile is widely used in medical, pharmaceutical, and food applications to provide suitable solutions for pipe engineering within limited spaces. Our professional R & D team can meet your proto-type requirements, assist you with your development projects and look forward to working with you.

Fabrication Techniques

  • Solid tip forming
  • Flaring
  • Flanging
  • Moulded tips and collars
  • Heat shrinkable collars
  • Swaging of multiple size tubes
  • Welding

About tubing assemblies

Tubing assemblies apply custom fittings to PTFE, FEP and PFA tubing, such as adding flanges, collars or flare to connect the fittings to the tubing, or flangeless joints with stop ends to provide customized pipes that meet your exact requirements.

Advantages of fluoropolymer tubing assemblies

  • Fluoroplastic tubing exhibits an excellent combination of properties, from excellent chemical resistance to a wide range of temperature capabilities, electrical insulation, high purity, toughness, and non-stick properties.
  • The tubing components can be combined, matched, and customized according to your needs and designs, so as to serve you more efficiently.
  • Through customized accessories, customized pre-formed profiles and other services, you can save time, effort, and cost-effectiveness for your project.
  • Straightforward product testing with proto-types.
  • Purchasing complete tubing components can save time, cost and effort for our customers, as there is no need to purchase separate piping and joints.
  • Custom components are packaged and assembled as required to help customers design their projects efficiently.

Tubing assembly services

  • We can convert our fluoropolymer tubing including PTFE, FEP, PFA and PVDF, and create custom pre-formed tubing assemblies that meet your exact requirements.
  • We can provide any length of tube, cut the tubing to the length you need, and use customized accessories to meet your needs.
  • We can also pack the tubing into kits to meet your packaging requirements.
  • Using thermoforming, flaring, flanging and welding techniques, we can also add custom designs to your fluoroplastic tubing, such as molded needle tips, molded tips and collars, heat shrink collars, bend 90 degrees along the length of the tube, and more Swaging between size tubes, telescopic coil, identification mark.

Applications of tubing assemblies

Combining the unique properties of fluoropolymers, and at the same time benefiting from the precise fit of the tubing assemblies with other components, tubing assemblies are often applied in fluid delivery systems, automotive sampling, cryogenic applications, and beverage delivery.

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