Fluoropolymers / Alfa Chemistry

Fluorointermediates and Additives



  • E (Ethylene)
  • TFE (Tetrafluoroethylene)
  • CTFE (Chlorotrifluoroethylene)
  • VDF (Vinylidene fluoride)
  • VF (Vinyl fluoride)
  • P (Propene)
  • HFP (Hexafluoropropene)
  • PVE (Perfluoroalkylvinylether)
  • Fluorinated Acrylic Monomers
  • Others


  • Paint & Coating Additives


  • Vinyl Ethers
  • Epoxides and Ethers
  • Halocarbons

Other Fluorochemicals

  • Fluorinated benzonitrile series
  • Fluorinated phenol series
  • Fluorinated benzyl alcohol series
  • Fluorine-containing aniline series
  • Fluorochloroacetophenone series
  • Fluorinated aromatic hydrocarbon series
  • Heterocyclic series
  • Others

At Alfa Chemistry Fluoropolymers, customers can find any fluoropolymer related products you want, from the upstream raw materials used to synthesize fluoropolymers (fluoromonomers), fluoropolymers, to fluoropolymer products. We are committed to providing you with the most comprehensive fluoropolymer products and services. You are always welcome to consult our professional team for any products or services you are interested in.

With the progress of organic fluorine chemical synthesis technology, the application range of organic fluorine intermediate products continues to extend to newer and higher-end fields. With large-scale applications in the chemical, chemical, pharmaceutical and agricultural industries, fluorine-containing intermediates are gradually showing great growth potential. For example, in the pharmaceutical field, there are polyfluoro compounds that have strong stability, physiological activity, fat solubility and hydrophobicity, and can adjust parameters such as electronics and lipophilicity. In terms of performance, they have relatively low dosage, low toxicity, and high efficacy. Strong metabolic ability and other characteristics. In addition, fluorocarbon coatings, fluorine-containing processing aids, and fluorine-containing surfactants have also developed into high value-added and promising leading products in various fields of fine chemicals.

Fluorine is a unique element that, when added to products, can impart unique properties to the material, such as chemical resistance and electrical resistance, thermal stability, low surface energy, and other useful functions. Fluoropolymer additives and processing aids can provide the best solutions for the following special needs of customers:

  • Low friction, wear resistance, non-stick, anti-drip;
  • Reduce melt fracture, improve gloss film and cable production, reduce gel, reduce mold accumulation, and reduce mold pressure;
  • PTFE-based grease can provide a wider operating temperature range, extremely low friction and longer service life.

Of course, at Alfa Chemistry Fluoropolymers, you can also quickly and conveniently obtain a variety of monomers, fluorine-containing gases and other fluorine-containing chemicals for the synthesis of fluorine-containing polymerization. Our products are always ready to help you innovate and develop new fluoropolymers.

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