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Laser engraving is based on numerical control technology, and laser is the processing medium. The processing material undergoes instantaneous melting and vaporization physical modification under laser irradiation to achieve the purpose of processing.

Laser engraving is fast and precise, which can provide durable markings that will not wear out over time. Laser engraving is a cost-effective technique that can provide greater flexibility in your design, which is a good choice for logos and fonts that are difficult to produce by manufacturing alone.

Laser engraving services

  • Our laser marking system uses a fiber laser source, which allows you to etch barcodes, logos and text.
  • Alfa Chemistry Fluoropolymers can provide engraving in serial number format, using incremental serial numbers to mark parts to achieve traceability. The engraving color is usually the natural color of the raw material.
  • Alfa Chemistry Fluoropolymers can analyze and recommend suitable laser engraving methods for you according to your needs, such as dot matrix engraving and vector cutting services.
  • If your needs are very clear, you can provide us with vector files (usually AI format) of the fonts or geometric figures required for marking, and technical drawings (PDF format) indicating the exact location of the markings. We will process it according to your drawings.
  • We can also provide design review, drawing, fixture, project management, tool making and other services according to your needs.

Typical Products





Printed Circuit Boards






Multiple Component Assemblies

Advantages of laser engraving process

  • There is no contact with the surface of the material, it is not affected by mechanical movement, the surface will not be deformed, and generally does not need to be fixed.
  • There is no affect by the elasticity and flexibility of the material, and it can also deal with soft materials.
  • The processing precision is high, the speed is fast, and the application field is wide.

Laser engraving method

Laser engraving mainly includes two methods, dot-matrix engraving and vector cutting. For larger area laser processing applications, the dot-matrix laser engraving processing mode is more suitable. If only thinner lines are required for laser engraving, the vector laser processing mode is more advantageous and the processing speed is faster.

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