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PVDF Sheet


Alfa Chemistry Fluoropolymers provides customers with PVDF sheets and can provide customized cutting and cutting to size according to customer needs.


  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Inherent flame retardancy
  • High gamma radiation resistance
  • Good UV resistance and weather resistance
  • Very low moisture absorption
  • Mechanical grade
  • High flexibility
  • Wear resistance

General Applications of PVDF Sheet

  • The project includes operations under the influence of strong corrosive substances
  • Good mechanical properties, and the working temperature does not exceed +150°C
  • This requires good sliding properties and wear resistance
  • Operate under the influence of high-energy radiation
  • Requirements for hydrolysis resistance

Research Applications

  • PVDF sheet can be used to prepare piezoelectric actuators. Compared with piezoelectric devices based on ceramics or single crystals, piezoelectric devices based on PVDF have the advantage of high flexibility. Piezoelectric polymer sheets usually have metal electrodes, which can significantly enhance the stiffness of the sheet and correspondingly reduce its piezoelectric response in actuator and sensor applications. The electrode of the conductive polymer poly(ethylenedioxythiophene) (PEDOT-PSS) is deposited on the PVDF sheet by spray gun and inkjet printing method.
  • PEDOT PSS sprayed on PVDFFigure 1. PEDOT/PSS sprayed on PVDF [1]

  • The PVDF sheet is prepared as a non-contact sensor sheet for sleep assessment. Each piezoelectric element is made of a PVDF sensor, which generates an electric potential when pressed or stretched in a certain direction. By measuring the resulting voltage change, the pressure can be estimated.
  • PVDF sensor sheet set near the chest under the thick mattressFigure 2. PVDF sensor sheet set near the chest under the thick mattress [2]


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