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Customization process

By combining unique material characteristics with advanced production technology, Alfa Chemistry Fluoropolymers provides customers with high-quality, customizable tubing solutions, including PTFE, FEP, PFA, ETFE.

Key Properties Comparison of Extruded Tubing

Min Service temp.-240 °C-200 °C-200 °C-190 °C
Max Service temp.260 °C200 °C260 °C150 °C
Melting point330 °C257-275 °C300-310 °C270 °C
Tensile strength20-34 MPa20-28 MPa25-30 MPa40-47 MPa
Elongation200-400 %300-325 %300 %230 %
HardnessShore D 55-65Shore D 55-60Shore D 55-64Shore D 63-75
Density2.17 g/cm32.15 g/cm32.15 g/cm31.7 g/cm3
Water absorption<0.01 %<0.01 %<0.03 %0.02 %
Chemical resistanceExcellentVery goodExcellentVery good

Note: The above data is only used as a reference for this type of product, and the actual product parameters shall prevail.


  • PTFE tubing
  • PTFE has the lowest friction coefficient of all polymers and can be used in high temperature applications. PTFE has very good chemical resistance to all common solvents, acids and alkalis.

  • FEP tubing
  • FEP is more transparent and optically transparent than PTFE, so it is used for monitoring equipment. FEP is also more flexible than PTFE. FEP is almost unaffected by oxygen, ozone and ultraviolet rays.

  • PFA tubing
  • PFA has similar characteristics to PTFE, but its continuous length is longer. It also has a higher continuous operating temperature than FEP. PFA has the smoothest surface of all fluoropolymers.

  • ETFE tubing
  • ETFE has high mechanical strength and good wear resistance. ETFE has excellent tensile strength. ETFE is hardly affected by oxygen, ozone and ultraviolet rays, and can be sterilized by gamma.


  • Fluoropolymer extruded tubing is a good solution for almost any application environment. Taking into account the comprehensive properties of lubricity, flexibility, mechanical strength and chemical resistance, the application fields of fluoropolymer pipe products cover various industries from aerospace and automotive, electrical, energy exploration, optical fiber, fluid management to medical treatment.
  • PTFE tubing and FEP tubing are commonly used in general fluid treatment, such as chemical processing industry, laboratory, analysis and water purification. In electrical applications, it can be used for insulation, cable, cooling, low temperature, conduit, telecommunications, optical fiber and transportation medium and high-pressure hose linings. In addition, it can also be used for food, beverage and nutrition processing.
  • Research application
  • After modifying the inner surface of fluoropolymer tubing by a two-step photo-grafting process, robust homogeneous polymer monoliths can be formed on the surface. The porous polymer monoliths were synthesized in situ in fluoropolymer tubing to prepare microbore HPLC columns. The developed microbore column can be used for different analytical methods, such as purification, pre-concentration, separation or other flow-based applications.

Photo-grafted fluoropolymers tubing as novel chromatographic supports for polymeric monolithic stationary phasesFigure 1. Photo-grafted fluoropolymers tubing as novel chromatographic supports for polymeric monolithic stationary phases [1]


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