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Fluoropolymer Flow Devices



Deionized water system and purified water treatment system

  • Fluoropolymer flow devices can be used in deionized water systems and purified water treatment systems. High-purity fluoropolymers will not introduce ionic particles and other impurities in the fluid path, and at the same time they can inhibit the growth of bacteria and viruses in the medium because of their high chemical inertness.
  • The fluid handling components that can be provided in the deionized water system include PTFE joints and connectors, PTFE pipes, FEP pipes and PFA pipes, PTFE ball valves, PTFE check valves, PTFE metering valves, PTFE plug valve, PTFE solenoid valve and PTFE pneumatic valve.

fluoropolymer flow devices

Corrosive applications

  • Fluoropolymer flow devices can be used for corrosive applications. When using highly alkaline media (high pH) or highly acidic media (low pH), it may have a strong corrosive effect on pipes, pipes, fittings, valves, filters, pumps, tanks and other fluid equipment. Therefore, when dealing with acid and alkaline media, high-purity fluid handing polymers are required, such as PTFE, PFA, and PVDF.
  • The fluid components available in corrosive applications include PTFE solenoid valves, PTFE pneumatic valves, PTFE ball valves, and PTFE drain valves.

Drug production process

  • Fluoropolymer flow devices can be used in new continuous filtration systems for pharmaceutical process development and manufacturing. In this filtration system, a PTFE valve remains on the filter tube to prevent leakage during the transfer and weighing steps, and another PTFE valve prevents air from entering when the filter tube is removed.
  • Filtration unit for pharmaceuticalsFigure 1. Filtration unit for pharmaceuticals [1]


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