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PTFE/PVDF Parts for Lab

Name CAS number Description Inquiry
Vials, screw top, graduated, solid cap, preassembled Inquiry
volume 2 mL, clear glass vial, thread for 8-425, PTFE liner
Vials, screw top, graduated, open-top cap, preassembled Inquiry
volume 4 mL, clear glass vial, thread for 13-425, O.D. × H 15 mm × 45 mm, PTFE/silicone septum
Vials, screw top with solid green Thermoset cap with PTFE liner, preassembled, pkg of 100 Inquiry
volume 15 mL, clear glass vial, O.D. × H 21 mm × 70 mm, thread for 18-400
Vials, pre-cleaned and assembled, pk of 100 Inquiry
volume 2 mL, clear glass vial
Vials, crimp top, convenience pack, 12 x 32 mm, large opening, pkg 100 Inquiry
clear glass vial, PTFE/red rubber septum
Upchurch Prime/Purge Valve for Waters Pump Inquiry
Upchruch Universal Prime/Purge Valve Inquiry
low pressure
Tweezers Inquiry
Style #3, very sharp, PTFE-coated, anti-magnetic stainless steel
Suspended stirring bars Inquiry
diam. 28 mm, L 54 mm, fits beaker size, 250 mL
Storage Container Cap Inquiry
PTFE, for use with PerkinElmer ATD-400
Storage bottles without joints Inquiry
capacity 500 mL, PTFE stopcock
Stopcock Plug Inquiry
Stirring bar retriever Inquiry
Flexible, PTFE, L 13 in.
Solvent Filter Inquiry
(PTFE), Cytiva
Solid PTFE stopper,29/42 Inquiry
Joint: ST/NS 29/42
Solid PTFE stopper,24/40 Inquiry
Joint: ST/NS 24/40
Short thread screw cap, 9 mm thread, with liner Inquiry
Ultra-clean, red polypropylene (6 mm center hole)
Seal, 8mm, Silicone/PTFE Liner, 30 Durometer, pk 100 Inquiry
diam. × thickness 8 mm × 1.0 mm, silver aluminum seal, PTFE/silicone, hardness 30 (Durometer: shore A), pkg of 100 ea
Seal, 8mm, Red Rubber/PTFE, 38 Durometer Inquiry
diam. 8 mm, silver aluminum seal, red rubber/PTFE, durometer: 38, pkg of 100 ea

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